are based in Hartlepool and offer small business owners in the town a brand new way to get customers….

As a small business owner you have no doubt landed on this page wondering just what the internet can do for your business, in our opinion the internet is the best source of advertising any company can get, with our SEO Hartlepool service we can find customers that are already searching for your product or services.

We are based in Hartlepool and have already got clients signed up and using our simple websites that generate a real return on investment, below are some of the results we have achieved:

Case Study 1 – Seaton Drain Clearing Co.




Result of our work:

Seaton Drain Clearing Co. approached us with a desire to get higher up on Google for the words “blocked drains hartlepool”, they had a current website but it wasn’t performing like they had thought so we built a brand new site for them, after careful discussions about requirements we built the site and got them ranked on Google in the #1 spot, this led to them landing a contract and an increase in the number of people calling from the Hartlepool area.

Case Study 2 – Steve Wilkins Recycling


Result of our work:

Steve Wilkins Recycling approached us with the desire to get a website online, the reason being to get more customers but mainly to showcase the products that they had which at the time was a range of firewood sold by the bag, so we went down to visit and started to photograph the products and then loaded them onto the website, this was the ideal solution for the company as they wanted people to get an idea of what they were selling before they came down to visit.

After we got the site up and running we received calls from the owner telling us that the website had more than paid for itself and he was able to sell around £50 worth of products in just one day, not only that but the new customer that came from the website went and told other friends who came and made purchases within the same week.

Testimonial from owner

I didn’t have a website up and running so when approached me I jumped at the chance and the cost was very reasonable, I knew that I needed more customers but was unsure about how to proceed.

I can now just refer people to my website for more information or better yet since I’m ranked #1 for my main product they actually call me up, I have made a great return on my investment and it’s really handy to have someone to do the updates and show off my new products, I can just get in touch and does it all for me.

It’s been really eye opening to see what the internet can do, not only did I get some new customers, these new customers actually tell other people so I get sales from word of mouth which doesn’t cost me anything
Steve Wilkins
Steve Wilkins Recycling
Operating in Sarah Street, Hartlepool.

Case Study 3 – Skyweb Studios


Result of our work:

Skyweb Studios approached us and wanted rankings for their local search terms, having just started to offer services in the yeadon area they wanted a website that would reflect this and as a result they choose to target the term “web design yeadon”, after getting ranked number 1 we did a few simple tweaks to the website and they received a client who wanted 2 websites redesigning.

Testimonial from owner

I am pleased to be working along side – they have really made a difference in my business by ranking me for my main keywords and helping me attract local businesses to work with, they also made it really easy to understand and I got the results very quickly.
Kevin Kinnersley
Skyweb Studios

The end result of our work is pretty simple to understand, we build you a website, we get it ranking highly and then customers come to you.

We want this process to be as simple as possible to understand, our service offers you a chance to work with us but not have to worry about technology or understanding complex website code, all we need you to do is provide us with some basic information and then be ready at the other end to answer the phone when a customer calls, our websites make your life much easier so you can focus on what you do best.

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